Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gold Kist Apricot

Gold Kist Apricot fruiting abundantly in the back yard.  These are low chill apricots that are great for California and other areas with short Winters.  As a bonus, we don't get those nasty frosts that robbed me of apricots more years than not, when I lived in Colorado.  They are wonderfully sweet (with a bit of tart) when fully ripened (much better than those nasty store bought ones...).  The tree didn't produce for the first couple of years but once it settled in, it grew very rapidly and became very prolific.  In fact, there appears to be enough apricots for the birds, the squirrels and the humans all at the same time!  As an added bonus, it does not appear to be susceptible to the curly leaf fungus that affects peaches and is an amazing grower.

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