Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird, Calypte anna, resting on my apricot tree.


Hanny said...

I love hummingbirds.

Once I was privileged to have a wild one sit on my finger like a budgie. She had flown into our warehouse and worn herself out trying to get out through a window. When I captured her to let her out she popped up on my finger and sat there while I opened the window and then she flew off.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Hanny, that's very sweet. I suppose she knew you weren't going to hurt her. They appear amazingly intelligent for the tiny little creatures that they are. Mine fly right up to look at me. Sometimes, they will drink out of the stream of water from the hose when I water the plants. The other day, one was taking a bath in the sprinkler water from the hose watering my banana tree. I dare say my life is just a little bit cheerier for having them around the house.