Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea 'Predator' FCC/AOS: Nearly Black!

Stanhopea tigrina var nigroviolacea 'Predator' FCC/AOS blooming in the back yard under shade cloth. Stanhopeas are generally pollinated by bees, the bee being species-specific (i.e., each Stanhopea species has a different bee that pollinates it!). As you would thus expect, each Stanhopea has a different fragrance, likely tailored to be irresistable to it's bee pollinator. Stanhopea tigrina var nigroviolacea has a powerful, sweet fragrance that can be detected some 10 or 20 feet away. Variety predator is a particularly dark (nearly black) clone of nigroviolacea, many others being a beautiful red-brown.

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