Friday, June 01, 2012

Nostradamus' Tomb

Nostradamus' Tomb in the Church of the Cordeliers of Salon, Salon de Provence, France. A very nice lady gave us a tour of the Church including Nostradamus' Tomb. She noted that only some of Nostradamus' bones were in the tomb. Apparently, were moved twice, the first time by the mayor (to a larger more prominent crypt) and the second time, by soldiers in the revolution. She claimed that both the mayor and the soldiers died shortly after moving the body. She also claimed that superstitious peasants had stolens some of the remains and hidden the bones, fearing that Nostradamus was a sorcerer, thereby explaining why only some of the bones are in the tomb. A quick search of the internet came up with the following Nostradamus quote. In Century 9, Quatrain 7, Nostradamus predicted: The man who opens the tomb when it is found And who does not close it at once, Evil will come to him That no one will be able to prove. Notably, the tomb is now securely placed within the very thick stone walls of the church.

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