Friday, September 09, 2011

Power Outage Makes a Mess Out of San Diego's Airports

Lindberg Field at about 5:30pm after the power outage. After waiting for about an hour in the airplane on the tarmac, the one portable stairs finally came to let us out of the plane. As you would expect, none of the gate ramps were working due to the power outage. A long line of Southwest Airlines employees lined the route for us to the baggage claim area. The bags were being unloaded by hand.

Since I had nothing but a little hand carry, I figured I'd be able to phone the parking company and head immediately home. However, all the lines were busy! Luckily, the van was just coming by so I was able to hop on. Traffic was a ridiculous mess and, while most people were calm, there were a few horns honking and people driving on the wrong side of the road, some rushing to the airport to no doubt discover that all the flights were cancelled and some trying to get home.

The outbound travelers, however, were stranded in droves in the terminal, mostly waiting on security, when the flights were cancelled or delayed.

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