Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lava Arch

Lava Arch, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hawaii. The ocean has eroded away the supporting layers of the lava flow, leaving a lava arch. The exposed rock shows the many layers of lava flows layered one on top of another like a stack of pancakes. The varying characteristics of the rock layers lead to differing rates of erosion and the subsequent formation of caves and arches.


Christlike said...

Where exactly is this? I cannot find Mele Kohola anywhere. I found this site:

Which told me that the Lava Cliffs are located off of Maku'u Drive. There is hardly any information online about the Lava Arch.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

There is a map that shows where Mele Kohola is on the web site. It is on the end of Paradise Drive at the corner of Paradise and Paradise Ala Kai. To get to this arch, you have to walk North along the sea coast from Mele Kohola for about a mile (rough recollection). I don't recall any direct access and you have to be willing to hoof it over the lava coastline. It's a beautiful walk along the very rugged coastline.