Monday, July 04, 2011

Utricularia sandersonii

Utricularia sandersonii (Bladderwort) growing amidst sundews. Utricularia sandersonii is one of a genus of around 227 species. These tiny carnivorous plants are part a genus noted for their trap doored bladders. The trap doors snap open to vacuum in tiny rotifers and protozoa (or larger prey, depending on the species) when the prey brushes against tiny trigger hairs. Utricularia sandersonii is native to South Africa where it grows on wet rock surfaces at 600 to 3600 ft. altitude.


Rita Mosquita said...

Is this an orchid, or are bladderworts something else?

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

It kind of looks like an orchid! As it turns out, it is a carnivorous plant. Just one of the many weird and wacky things I have growing at the house.