Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Zen of Gardening...or Mystery Pleurothallis

Pleurothallis species mislabeled as Pleurothallis ruberrima. Okay, I admit it. I don't know which Pleurothallis species this I'll take suggestions (lest I have to look through the whole group -- OMG). The fingers should give you some sense of size as to the flower. The leaves are somewhat spathulate. The flowers hang pendantly from the leaf axil.

Clearly I was not meant to be a finger model! In any case, you might wonder why I garden and why I seem to have an endless variety of plants in my back yard. It's partly because there is something soothing about watching plants grow and some sense of reward when they bloom. It's also because there is an inherent beauty and wonder in nature that is difficult if not impossible to duplicate by man-made efforts. I stake no claim as to how it all happened, leaving that to each of nature's admirers to find on their own. My only hope is that each of us can find the moments to participate in the wonders of this world and to bathe in the myriad diversity and intricacy that we are a part of.

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