Friday, November 05, 2010

What Pollinates a Snapdragon?

Yellow Snapdragon at Armstrong Nursery.

Southern California fall colors (grin)... However does a bee get into a snapdragon? It doesn't. Apparently, snapdragons are pollinated by bumblebees that either power through the opening or chew through the side of the flower. Honeybees are pretty much locked out.

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Rita Mosquita said...

I believe that it is bumblebees that pollinate flowers like snapdragons. With it's two lips snapdragons are opened when the insect lands on it's lower lip and causes it to open.

Have you ever taken a snapdragon blossom and gently squeezed it at the creases where the two lips meet? You can open and close the lips of the snapdragon.

I have planted snapdragons that have lived for a few years in Colorado. We had some variety in South Dakota, called "Bread and Butter," that seemed to be perennial.