Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cover Your Eyes if You Don't Like Creepy Crawlies!

Giant South American Cave Roach, Blaberus giganteus. Saw these at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and they are, true to their name, quite large. This one was perhaps 3 inches long. How's that for a creepy crawly. Luckily, they only live in caves in South America (so far anyhow).

According to the Giant Cave Cockroach page (yes they have their own web page), "This cockroach is the largest species in it's genus, and is one of the largest species of cockroaches known to man! The Giant Cave Cockroach is closely related to the cockroaches living in the Carboniferous coal forests 200 million years ago. They have been common lab animals since the 1950's."

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