Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Packed Like Sardines in a Can

School of Sardines, San Diego, California. Note that the name Sardine is actually a common name that applies to a rather large number of smallish schooling fish including the:
Rainbow sardine - Dussumieria acuta
Slender rainbow sardine - Dussumieria elopsoides
Slender white sardine - Escualosa elongata
White sardine - Escualosa thoracata
European pilchard (true sardine) Sardina pilchardus
Round sardinella (gilt sardine, Spanish sardine) Sardinella aurita Sardinella longiceps, Sardinella gibbosa (Indian sardines)
South American pilchard (Pacific sardine, California sardine, Chilean sardine, South African sardine) Sardinops sagax (Jenyns, 1842)
Dare I say I haven't bother to ID which one this is...

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