Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friendly Turtle

Borneo Painted River Terrapin, female, Pet Kingdom, San Diego, California. This friendly Borneo Painted River Terrapin was coming up to beg for food. They're pretty friendly and come right on over for a bit of turtle chow. This is the female. The male of the pair had a bit more red on his head. The pair was for sale for a healthy $1250 if you are so inclined. Coming from Borneo, they need year round heat and a nice sized pond. Beware, however, that they are occasionally inclined to munch on electric heater lines so the heater will need to be enclosed in a box lest your little charges bite their way into a cold oblivion when you're not paying attention! If you've ever dealt with a shorting heater in your fish aquarium, it packs a nice little zap to it.

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