Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bygone Days of Opulence

Carved Marble Bench/Chair, Huntington Botanical Gardens. I found this beautiful, carved marble bench under a large spreading tree right next to my parked car along the roadside at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. I really loved the way the sun played upon its intricately carved surface, creating deep shadows along the white, age-stained marble.

The Gardens were owned by the Huntington family who made a large fortune in the railroad business. The gardens remind me of the incredible wealth and opulence of the very rich in that era gone by. Perhaps the very rich still have immense gardens containing stunning statuary and most of us simply are not in a position to know. Perhaps.

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LKPCA said...

Nice pic! Chiaroscuro-esque. I adored the Huntington - I often used to drag my younger siblings there back in the day ... beautiful place.

One of the few things I miss about SoCal.