Monday, June 15, 2009

Bargain Echinopsis or the Home Depot Special!

Red Echinopsis Hybrid. I'm guessing this is another Echinopsis hybrid but again, I'm really not sure what I've got here. Hints are appreciated.

In any case, this totally beautiful little cactus is about four inches tall and blooms in a profuse and amazing sort of way! In the sun, it has a glow and sheen that stand out across a room. I bought it a year or two ago as one of those $2-$3 assorted cacti from Home Depot. It had no name (and still doesn't) but them I'm a plant softy when it comes to those things. In any case, with flowers like that, I'd have to say that I got my money's worth.

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compost in my shoe said...

Beautiful a bargain at Home Depot any day of the week!!!