Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Obama rumors for inauguration day:
1. Our president elect was on Oahu at the same time as the Wayward Hawaiian.

2. Both stayed at beautiful seaside resorts.
False. President Obama stayed at a multimillion dollar mansion on Kailua bay. The Wayward Hawaiian stayed with his Mom.

3. Both feasted on only the best Hawaiian food!
No idea. However, if he didn't, I certainly had a piece of Haupia pie (or two or three) for him!

4. Both were trailed by hordes of paparazzi.
False. Poor President Obama hardly had a single private moment at the beach without sneaky paparazzi snapping shots of him in a swimsuit. For shame for shame... The Wayward Hawaiian was staying in Honolulu proper, far away from the craziness and the crazy traffic.

5. Both suffered through a power outage.
True. However, President Obama had not one but two private generators. The Wayward Hawaiian had a battery powered latern and good company to chat with.

Overall, I'd guess I had more fun. Ironic isn't it? Multi-million dollar mansion on Kailua bay and you can barely enjoy it? He's got all our hopes and some sympathy as well. The presidency does not look like a fun job, sycophants, paparazzi, perks and all.

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